Do a Mitzvah to End 2015 Right

Close out the year by supporting a cause you're passionate about. As a small, localized business we care deeply about our community. Philadelphia's public schools have a long and arduous history of being underfunded and inadequate. That's why this year, we're using a portion of our profits to support the Philadelphia Student Union. PSU is a remarkable student-led organization that champions quality and equitable education in Philadelphia. They're a truly amazing group, comprised of civic-minded citizens and students, who have been supporting Philly's public education system for the past 20 years.

Public education is a democratic right and many underprivileged communities in Philadelphia are not privy to a quality education. Just 14% of Philadelphia 4th graders can read proficiently and the city's graduation rate ranks 22 out of the 25 biggest cities in the country.

Education is the great equalizer and the ultimate way to empower citizens and pull the disenfranchised out of poverty. We love living and working in Philadelphia. But if the city is ever to become a truly world-class city, it must improve its education system. And now.

We are proud to stand with Philly Student Union for better public education.

Learn more about Philadelphia Student Union.

No matter what cause impassions you, make sure to be a mensch and do a mitzvah for the new year.

PEACE OUT, 2015 -- IT'S BEEN REAL. HAPPY 2016, Y'ALL!!!!

One for the road c/o Kylie Turley: